Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Kestrel and foliage

A busy week in Artlandia!

First up, was delivering 10 framed artworks to 2 different states (whew!) 3 of these pieces will be part of a show, "Printmaking and the Natural World," opening this coming week at The Feick Arts Center of Green Mountain College in Vermont. The next day a piece will opening as part of "Show of Heads," at Limner Gallery in Hudson.  The other 7 works that were delivered will be part of a show at Thompson Giroux, opening in December. 

Once everything was delivered, I should have cleaned the studio...and I did (a little), but mostly I was excited to get back to carving.  I made some changes to the template of the torso of the life scale figure I'm working on (yes, even though I've been working on it for weeks - the more I looked at it, the more I became convinced the right sleeve would fit, so I measured. It does, and so I added it, thereby reducing the total number of blocks needed - yay!)  Progress is being made, but it's slow going, so I decided to carve something that could reach completion in the week. As a reward to myself for getting all the work delivered, I decided to carve a kestrel, since raptors are one of my favorite to carve. 

I thought it was going well...until I proofed it the first time and realized there was a flaw in the block that left a thin line across the whole thing.  It was so tiny I didn't see it when I inspected the block before carving, and it would have been fine...except it went right through the beak. I sanded the block down a little, carved out the background and proofed again.  The good news is, I think it's mostly gone in the beak, but the bad news is, I think it's still visible elsewhere.  Luckily, I think I still may be able to fix it with mixed media after printing.

I also struggled with printing this - the fine lines filled in after printing a few times, so I cleaned the block completely and am waiting for it to dry before trying again - fingers crossed.

First state

second state
Apart from the new block, I also went on some nature adventures - fall is especially pretty here.


Naturally, Honey Wonderpup led the way.

I also got an incredibly cute photo of Momiji with a tiny rainbow (I have no idea where it came from since there's no prism in the window.)

Mo is so funny - I love the way he continues to mimic Mini. This week Mini was on top of the pizza box and Mo climbed up right next to her (I'm not sure he realizes that being on top of the warm box is part of the point, since Mini in not inclined to share).
Mini used to do the same thing when she was Mo's age, following Sunny around and copying her - maybe that was on my mind because I think she looks like she's mirroring Sunny's pose in the photo here.

...though Mini is much more affectionate toward the kittens than Sunny was toward her as a little one - they often stick close together (with Mini in charge, Mo wanting to do whatever she does, and Max following a cautious step behind - and isn't Max cute smelling the roses - my fluffy Ferdinand.) 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

polyester lithography collages and skyride

A busy week in Artlandia!

First - I finished 2 new 14 x 11" collages:

These are like last week's collages in media, only larger :) First I marbled paper, then I made a new polyester lithography plate for the background and printed it. So far, I've finished 2 collages, but I have enough backgrounds for up to 7.  I'm so happy with the way the prints turned out, but...I'd like to see if this technique would work larger. I'm glad I started on the smaller scale to get the hang of it and these pieces are headed to En Masse 2018 at Thompson Giroux Gallery, a small works exhibition.

After making 7 new collages in 2 weeks and delivering and picking up other work, I was very tired and took a break to go see some nature with lovely friend.

In creature news: all 3 kitties now sleep on Honey's bed.
Mini decided if the kittens get to sleep on Honey's bed, she does too.

Honey and both kittens outside the newly installed gate to the studio,
 giving me sad eyes while I work.

Honey's Wonderpup costume came! I think she looks so cute - it really suits her!

Last, but not least, I feel like it's been a while since I posted a baked good! 
I didn't bake this delicious cake, but I did get to decorate it  :).

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Met visit and small collages

A busy week in Artlandia!  I got all four new 12 x 9" collages glued down and sitting under weights as we speak (type). Whew!  

 That was a tour de force this week. Of course, I told myself I was going to focus on working with the (hundreds of) parts I already have printed...then, of course, I decided I needed different pieces and printed new ones (haha.) By the end, the studio was a mess of little pieces of cut paper and non-selected parts everywhere, but I got it all swept up and the parts all re-sorted.  Then I framed the piece with the balloons for an upcoming show at Limner Gallery, A Show of Heads 

In the midst of this, I went on an epic art field trip to see all three branches of the Met before some of the current shows close this week.  It was an action packed day, but I got to see so many great shows!  "Heavenly Bodies" at the Cloisters and 5th Avenue, and "Obsession: Nudes by Klimt, Schiele, and Picasso at the Met Breuer.  I also saw a terrific show of Japanese painting from the Edo period at the 5th Avenue Met - "The Poetry of Nature: Edo Paintings from the Fishbein-Bender Collection." It was an incredible day of art...and then I came home and had to rest for a day.

From "Heavenly Bodies" :

In creature news, Honey was boarding the day I went to the Met(s) and so when I got home we went straight to the conservation area.
I love seeing my little guys hug.
And as we can see by the giant blonde paw in the corner, Honey sticks close by. Mini is here too, but just out of frame, she prefers looking down on the scene, in this case, from on top of the fridge.
Max got his grown up collar this week for his 6 month birthday - I chose bright yellow with a bell so I can see and hear him... he;s wearing it in the photo, but, as we can see, it was no match for his spectacular fluff.  Mo has discovered a new favorite napping spot in the sink (with Max, who is not as much of a jumper just below.) 


Mini came down from her perch to claim the Chewy box, haha - oldest kitty privilege.

Last, but not least, the landscape shot of the week: