Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mini 11 and Erskine Show

Last week was pretty busy, with two exhibitions opening and another one closing (Yay!) I've included a photo below of me with my work at the Bowie Arts Center at Erskine College in Due West, SC. I've changed my hair since painting this one, but turquoise is still one of my favorite colors.

Now on to last week's mini. So this may not be surprising given the nature of the one miniature per week project, but the program where I studied art evaluated students partially based on the quantity of their work (as in x works were expected per y months). When I was a student, I was never quite sure whether this was a good idea, but since graduating, I've started to think differently about it. I'm beginning to think that, at least for me, quantity really does matter in the sense that it's important always to be making something. Even if every piece doesn't work out, at least it will lead somewhere, and so making something (anything) is generally better than making nothing. I mention this because I really struggled with last weeks mini, and there were several times when I considered scrapping it and starting something else. While I think it was useful for exploring the idea of internal framing, when I look at it, I'm reminded of a story about Edvard Munch, who was said to have taken his paintings out into the snow and scolded them when they caused him frustration... hmmmm.
Miniature #11 - October 2 - 9, 2011, 3 x 3 in, mixed media on canvas