Thursday, July 18, 2013

Phase 8 - not all time is the same (find focus)


6 am
8 am
For me - keeping things orderly helps with maintaining focus (which is a bummer because I can be a slob when I'm working). So, in keeping with phase 8 and trying to find focus, I've been getting up at 5 ish  am to organize, communicate, and clean for the day (then have breakfast and go for a walk) before getting down to work, usually by 8. (Unfortunately, this indicates that I reached the level of mess seen at the left in less than 24 hours - true). When I get going, I can end up using a lot of different supplies, and it's like I develop a form of selective blindness where, if I'm not using something right that second, it doesn't exist for me anymore. (This is the reason I work on the floor - so that I can just drop one thing and pick up the next). The mess extends radially very quickly (that little gap in the middle next to the red thread is where I was sitting - haha).

On the one hand -(fingers crossed!) I think I'll have enough pieces to make up the installation I'm set to install Tuesday (even if I can't make  everything I have in mind, it can be the first iteration in an on-going project :)). On the other hand, I am not a morning person (at all), and I'm starting to get tired to the point that I'm even more absent minded than usual. I know that there are things that just aren't occurring to me (as oppoed to being forgetful: less -  "O, I forgot I left my keys on the table instead of the hook," more - "O, keys, you say? Do I need keys?")  Sort of like with the supplies, I get so focused on making stuff that I end up being blind to all the other things I need to do. Having made this mistake before, I've been brainstorming things that I've forgotten to be aware of this time around:

the beginnings of a tree
1) Making sure everything is framed/ has hangers so that it's ready to go up on the wall and having all the necessary tools/ hardware to install it. (I'm good on the tools/hardware part, and have been going through the hangers/framing for each piece, but since things always take longer than I think, and I'm prone to overlooking this aspect, I've set aside a whole day to gather things together and double check each piece).
with my neon toes for scale ;)

2) As much as I hate (haaaaate) to admit it, moving things is hard for me, and I probably really need help
packing up (Ok, I admit it, I'm not good at lifting anything heavier than a cat,  but have I actually done anything to address this situation? - ummmmm, tick, tock, tick, tock (oy!)).

In other art news, I went to the opening of "Clothing Optional" at the National Association of Women Artists Gallery in New York on Wednesday. One of my mixed media pieces, "Neo-Gothic (Iris)" was included in the show! I had a great time and also got to catch up with some lovely friends. Did I remember to take a picture - no (oops)
Neo-Gothic (Iris), mixed media, 9 x 12, 2013
Once again, I lost in the battle of
wills withmy feline assistant:
 ok, fine, sit it the tree

The biggest fans of the recent early morning schedule - the feline assistants: when it comes to kitty-breakfast-time - the earlier the better ;)