Monday, January 13, 2014

phase 2 redux - observe the law of equivalent exchange

I had quite the "art-adventure" this week making this collage. It isn't permanently attached together yet (an animation-yet-to-be?), but it involved cutting 4 relief blocks (flower, small flower and buds, hummingbird, leaves); then printing them. Let's just say each block required its own "special" technique. A rolling pin and a wooden spoon were involved, and this is a true sign of how much I love art-making - I was willing to sacrifice my baking implements to the printing process. Also, it took a few tries for me to find the right ink and paper for each element (oy!). Lots of ugly birds and flowers later :) I think I found the right combination of method, ink, and paper for each component (or at least got closer...).

drawing on the block - pre-cutting 
leaves before collage

a bird for later - resulting from a very sophisticated technique - rubbing the back of the paper with a wooden spoon
 I also continued working on the landscape for Hope - adding flora and fauna.
one of my favorite plants so far
sewing the petals together with golden thread