Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bonus! flower still life

Because I just printed (by hand, with the trusty wooden spoon) the flower still life block, and I'm so excited, I can't help myself posting it right away! It will (fingers crossed!) come out more evenly on a press, but this proof gives an idea of how it will look :). (Also, photographing and posting it gives me something to do to distract me from trying to layer in color right away before the ink dries ;) ).

I can't wait to add the flies/ants to this!

Also, while I wait for the ink to dry, I've been individualizing all the parrots (alllll the parrots - haha). I'm thinking the still life needs a green parrot, and a skull, and flies, and ants, maybe a squirrel? (Coloring and collaging this is going to be so much fun!) The flower block made me cry, but it was worth it ;).