Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Swallows take flight!

partial view of "Swallows," mixed media installation, including: relief prints, decorative paper,
ink, acrylic, wire and thread, 2017
 Yay! The swallows are installed! (Whew!)  "Swallows" is part of the upcoming exhibition 10 Artists/ 10 Pieces, curated by Joan Baldwin and opening Friday, Jan. 12th 4 -5 pm at The Hotchkiss School.

As you may have guessed - it was a very (very!) busy week in Artlandia, and I'm looking forward to seeing the whole show Friday :) !

All packed up and ready to go!
reassembling on the carpet
view from the bottom floor looking up

view from the upper floor looking down
view on the upper floor looking through at (drumroll...) Audubon's swallows(!!)

Of course, now that the swallows are done...it's time to get back to all the things that have kind of been on "pause" while the swallows were in process including the second side panel for the fox.
Detail of 12 x 30" collage
Detail of 12 x 30" collage

Detail of both 12 x 30" collages side by side

with the fox for scale

I enjoy these, but I felt like they really needed a little something to relate them back to the seven deadly sins project, all of which include faux-garbage, so I carved a new block of refuse to go in at the bottom.

"Oh my Human would like to give me extra
chin scratches and stare at my nose? Ok :)." 

And in creature news - there was a bit of a pup-mystery early in the week.  Honey's nose has been turning pinkish-brown for a couple of weeks. It didn't seeming to bother her, but I did some research, and apparently this is a thing in White German Shepherds as well as Golden Retrievers, called "snow-nose." Now that I know nothing is wrong, I think it's super cute. 

Junior and my Princess were in fine form this week.
I thought this was funny -
while Honey loves playing in the snow,
Jr. opened the clothes cupboard and
snuggled down on top of my (formerly clean)
sweaters - smart kitty!
Jr. "helping" with the new collage

My Princess giving Jr. a very dirty look, though I'm not sure whether this means: "You're not doing it right," or
"If anyone is going to sit on the collage, it will be me."? 
Jr. getting back into big sister's good graces (...notice how they are
both on the carving pillow, while the cat bed sits empty in the
background,and the human is left to sit ...on the floor.  Haha.)

And our nature shot of the week: