Tuesday, October 22, 2013


The forest has a deer!
(haven't quite permanently attached all the parts yet...)

pieces everywhere

A very busy week of drawing 
a crown for the human yet to be drawn...
Creating a different type of "hybrid' creature
fusing figure drawing and faces from memory
Also figuring out how to
wall mount these
a second layer of paper on foam core with grommets
and wire (and the wings left unattached to the foam core
so they'll flap gently as things around them move ;))

I made  rainbow cookies
with family and friend at the Met!

and saw lots of  art 

It's one of my happy places and I still see new things every time :)
and there's beautiful things
on the street too

and look what I found at MoMA! (and a Maqritte exhibition too!)

and I went to St. Patrick's Cathedral
:D! (!!!)