Monday, April 27, 2015

more collage fun

New collage! 
Pierrot - 28 x 22" mixed medial collage on paper, 2015

Process photo of this week's piece with last week's Harlequin
I feel a little like a broken record at this point - "busy art week, made a new collage..." [Repeat] Haha - true! While that does just about cover it, I'll try to add a few more details (as non-boringly as possible :)).

The pieces are similar in a lot of ways - scale, technique, media, but this week's was a little more challenging because I needed to research/ draw/ carve additional blocks, and there's significantly more drawing in drapery of the shirt and a more complex collage elements with the flowers. No complaints (it's what we do ;) ), but it was a "mission" getting it ready to photograph today (gold star!) 

First, new blocks:
printed of pretty purple marbelized paper
I used the rest of the block left over after
 cutting out the eyes from last week

I wanted Columbine because of the
 character's name. 

Not only did I find "Columbine" in my much loved Dover edition of Gerard's Herbal,
but "Degenerate" Columbine. I find this very funny: Pierrot's gift is almost, but not quite right -
he offers her "Degenerate Columbine" (and will inevitably be rejected). 
I also carved a new hand. (The one in the process photos from last week was a stand in, a digitally reversed and printed version of an existing print). This week I drew , carved, and printed the block.

Then I sprayed over it, and drew on top of that.

Then added another layer of yellow paint. I used a similar layering and
painting technique for the plant and also filled in the blue in the negative spaces
a "judicious use of glitter" in the back of the fly.