Monday, May 25, 2015

more phase 6

words, words, words (hmmmm - can we play a game, where we pretend that I said something insightful, then skip ahead to the pictures? ;) ) 
O My! 

so many new blocks this week
almost there on this polyester lithography plate (still a little more to go on the hand on the left, but getting close...)
even so, it was taking so long, that I carved this 1/2 scale version (um, which may have diverted my attention, a little bit ;) ) 

for the feet, I drew directly on the block

and of course, there must be a head.
I carved them all into a single block so that I can ink and print them all at once (a lesson learned from last week's bunny bucks) - it helps keep the ink color and quality even among the parts (thumbs up)
I also carved new wings [Oy.]
...split across two blocks so that they can be articulated.
getting an estimate of how they might look together (with inky fingers for scale...)
 It's been an art-challenging week. Lots of time spent on the floor carving (as thoughts like: "maybe it doesn't really need  2 wings," float by [haha - I kid, but the idea of carving a second wing right now actually sort of does make me want to cry.]

first bouquet from the yard!
I didn't venture far from home, but still lots of beautiful things to see:
and in the local conservation area -
black and blue and a
tiny bit of orange butterfly

and there was this fabulous item
at the local auction house 
A few weeks ago, all I saw everywhere was red,
(this is the actual color!), everywhere I go, I see blue
and always, lots of industrial stuff

so much gray
Nemesis by Albrecht Dürer.jpg
such beautiful gray [pitter - patter, pitter - patter]
Durer's Nemesis, ca. 1501-2

In addition to Durer (heart!), I keep thinking about Goltzius' hand and wing that I saw and photographed in  Philadelphia last year. I can't believe it's almost been and entire year since I saw this: Sine Cerere et Libero friget Venus (Without Ceres and Bacchus, Venus Would Freeze) by Hendrick Goltzius, Dutch (active Haarlem), 1558 - 1617 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  I still remember coming across it and getting the "I'm so art-excited, I might vomit" feeling. I never made it to see the museum's famous modern collections and (temporarily) lost the rest of my family, who, fortunately, know me well enough that they assumed "Oh, she just got stuck in the Early European section and is probably not leaving until the guard comes to announce closing (true.)). I loved this picture, but didn't actually see the whole thing (I have a small mental view-finder - I only really saw the wing and the hand, and only know what the whole thing looks like now, because I looked it up online after the fact.) I hope that I can see it again someday, but feel lucky that I got to see it once... just a refresher, for your viewing pleasure :)

Love you Mr. Goltzius!