Sunday, January 31, 2016


I know, I was all excited about the new bunny block last week...but then I got to thinking about it (uh oh).

I decided it could be better, and once the thought was there, it couldn't be un-thought, so...

The thing is, I'm learning so many new things that, at times, it's hard to organize the information fast enough to make it useful, so  I did what I do and made a list.

Ways to improve the bunny:

- make changes to the block
- resolution of the scan
- choices during file manipulation
- resolution of the printer
- choices refining the plate
- choices during printing
- choices refining the print

Which one will fix it?  I wasn't sure, so I did all of them ;)


Before and After, changes to the block and to the ink

I like the new block of the bunny, but then I wanted to take it further and see if I could  improve the digital process. I upped the resolution on the scan and on the printer output.

I also made slightly different choices while working with the file - particularly in translating it to black and white.

Then, [fun!] I played with the file to move the ears around - I didn't even need to recarve them. I also flipped the image so that I could get two plates.

I printed with the higher resolution onto polyester plates and, satisfied, I (printmaking-) printed onto toned paper. Some of the paper was already painted to mimic the patterns of fur.

Then I cut out and refined the prints adding acrylic paint, color pencil,and ink - on the left is the straight print and on the right is the print with added color.- it really brings depth. I especially like the way the eyes come to life.

the one from the left above, after adding paint and ink

still a little ways to go - adding a little bit of pink to the nose, eyes, ears, and chin, 
and then cutting it out...
(Then, collaging can begin ..)

a test of what it might look like collaged over a background. - love this new paper! I haven't quite decided what to do with the ground and still feeling like they need a little something more...

 Ashamed of having put the prints on the floor to dry, but not really having space for a drying rack, I put magnetic strips up on the wall - much better, thumbs up!