Saturday, February 2, 2019

more drapery, owl, little snow leopard and trip to Mass MoCA

A busy few weeks in Artlandia! 

Picking up from last time, the new owl block was complete, and since then I printed it along with the little snow leopard - thumbs up!

Then continuing the drapery for a life-scale figure, I transferred templates based on a smaller block to a new block.  This will be the third and final block to make up the body of a full scale figure (minus the head and hands which will be carved and printed separately.) I have a press appointment for the middle of February, so time is of the essence! 

I finished the torso block and went back in to the lower body block a little to make sure the carving style matches. (I had excellent canine and feline assistance.)

I have two projects I'm hoping to accomplish, the first is printing the full figure, the other is printing complex, multi-plate landscape backgrounds. I'll be carving a few relatively small blocks for this but the majority of the plates will be based on blocks I already have.  Recently my main focus has been observing the landscape around me - especially how the trees are grouped/ placed (I think the snow simplifies the ground making this easier to see at this time of year.) 

Apart from the positioning of the trees, the other thing I've been looking at/ for are major architectural elements that I might carve and add.

I also went on an art adventure to Mass MoCA with my favorite human - here we are looking at work by Sol LeWitt - the museum was huuuuuuuge and I had never seen so much of his work in one place!

In creature news it has been extremely cold and snowy.  Little Miss Honey looooooooves the snow (though recently, there have been times when it's been so cold that her human won't let her out very long). The kitties have a different opinion on snow and take advantage of the winter days to snuggle together and nap (smart kitties :) ).

I have the art "to do" list made and some new supplies arrived (yay! :) ) - go time!