Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mini 20

Mini 20 is ball point pen - I know it seems like I say this about everything, but it really is one of my favorite media (I guess it makes me feel like all the doodling in margins I've done over the course of my life is being put to some use.) I haven't worked with it in a while (in the past, I've found is extraordinarily unforgiving in terms of erasing), but I used the same technique I used with mini 18, where I put it down in layers with isolating coats of acrylic. I've also never used it on panel before, but I think the unyielding surface works well (not sure yet how I feel about the mitering though...)

In other news, I helped make a film this week. My next door neighbor is a film maker and asked me to be in his work (I'm not an actress, but was basically playing myself and didn't have to talk, so I said yes). It was interesting for me to see art-in-motion from a different perspective, and I'm glad I could help out.

I also graded 100+ essays, submitted a rough draft of a graduate paper, and decorated a Christmas tree (oy -let's just say getting all of the lights working at one time was not as easy as plugging them in [is it ever?]). Perhaps not surprisingly, it's a miniature tree with tons of miniature, color, lights, and I love it. I included a picture, and while I know it's probably not as exciting to others as it is to me, I put the soft, stuffed ornaments and the ones with bells near the bottom, so there is at least one creature who loves the tree more than I do - I think I made one little cat very happy this week.

Miniature #20 - December 4 - 11, 2011, 5 x 5 in, ball point pen and acrylic on panel