Monday, February 6, 2012

mini 27 and the tiny press

Miniature #27 - January 30 - February 5, 2012, 5 x 7 in., mixed media collage
I'm posting mini 27 a few hours later than usual because I got distracted by the Superbowl.  I kind of forget that I have a TV sometimes, but I enjoyed watching the game (and having nachos).  Now, getting back to the art - it's been an exciting week in tinyland!  Mini 27 is a collage (the flowers and balloon are parts of the MTA subway may - how topical.)  The image is 5 x 7," with a larger backing paper for additional stability.

In other news - I got a press(!) - and not just any press - a tiny press!!  I was really inspired by my trip to De Milo Studio over Christmas break, and I've been eyeing this miniature press for a while, hoping that it would go on sale, and it did (at Utrecht, fyi).  I'm not quite ready to print on it yet - I'm still researching non (and less) toxic etching techniques, since my studio is in my home, and I have a fearless, feline assistant.  For now, just looking at it makes me happy (and the fact that I can carry it pretty easily is a big bonus).  Stay tuned for the first tiny prints on the new press...
...Let me rub my face on that for you
What's this?
...Ok, back to my nap