Saturday, June 23, 2012

mini 46 and CAC

Miniature #46 - June 18 - 24, 2012, ? in, drawing and collage on paper
This week's mini is either late or early, depending how you look at it.  Travel has been shaking up the tone of life-as-usual for me lately. (It feels like working with a full palette when I'm usually more of a gray+ kind of person).  

Some good news - I've been awarded a residency at the Contemporary Artists Center!  The timing couldn't be better (some of my multi-color-coded calendar planning and list-making coming to a good end :))  I'm looking forward to having some time and space to focus on completing the Power in Precision Project (minis), reflect, and get a jump start on the next long term project, which I'm thinking will be an art experiment in life-improvement through time/space management (no catchy title there yet).  
My mission for the residency is site-specific.  Lately, I've been questioning how to make paintings that engage viewers in a sincere way without being saccharine.  I want to try adapting the studio environment to activate all my senses and see whether/how that affects the work.  The studios at CAC are in a re-purposed neo-Gothic church, so there will be stained glass for visual engagement.  I usually listen to music or the radio while I work, but for the residency, I'm going to aim for all non-verbal sonitory input (I'm thinking 'Music for Airports,' but I haven't totally decided yet, and, as a side note, I can use this opportunity to work on not starting sentences with "I heard on the radio..." at least for a little while).  For smell (which will have to cover taste as well, since eating in the studio is a no-no), I've narrowed it down to one of these taste-related smells: cinnamon, clove, vanilla or peppermint.  Touch will be a fluffy mat (which will be a nice change from the floor).  The goal is to try to reach a sort of "flow-state" and see whether/how that comes through in the work (I know it sounds kind of weird when stated that way, but...)

 interacting with art in its natural habitat
46 complete and 4 more to go.