Wednesday, January 9, 2013

phase 5 - be brave, every decision involves loss, update

I did it! I put a color in the background of the tracery piece.  I kind of like that it's the color (and consistency at one point) of slime - the tracery is separated from the slime by a thin gold line, but the figures are not quite so lucky ;).  With the color, it looses some of the visual connection to medieval manuscript painting, but hopefully it gains a stronger connection to contemporary painting. I'm still thinking through the color choice though (I feel like the volume needs to go either up or down on it, but it's a step.)

I also "finished" the piece with black scrollwork.

 I went back to see the Quay Brother's exhibition again, but this time I focused on the diorama-like rooms they build for the puppets, and while I was there, I got some ideas from Munch's block printing process (he cut his block like a puzzle, inked it, put it back together, then printed all the colors at once - genius!)

I also saw the "Picasso: Black and White" show yesterday at the Guggenheim -hmmmm, still thinking about that one, but I thought it was timely for me.  I refined these a little this past week (the minis were #43 )

 The internal framing and predella gave me an idea - I'm wondering if there's a way to compartmentalize the inefficient part of the drawing/painting process instead of trying to eliminate it? Hmmmmmmm.