Monday, July 15, 2013

Phase 8 - mini-post

Cue the chorus - to the theme of "Jingle bells": And, and, aaaand, and, and, aaaaand, and, and all the way...

Since I'm working on a "compressed" timeline, I decided to share an extra post of the progress since Wednesday: 

We have mice

and parrots

lots and lots of parrots

 and plants

In other news - the Mini kitty is home and recovering 
with lots of love and extra ice cubes in her water bowl.

On Friday, I visited Gallery 105 in North Adams. It was nice to be there and interact in person and helpful to see the space to visualize the installation. While I was in North Adams, I also saw an exhibition at Gallery 51: "Other Hudson Chapter 2" featuring Dennis Herbert and Kahn and Selesnick. I really enjoyed this show (two thumbs up!) - for me, it was energizing to see different perspectives on themes in which I'm also interested - masks, hybrids, dolls/automatons. I enjoyed the way the artwork gave me a sense of place (as if the work is based on different views of a particular space). In that way, it reminded me of (heart!) the Quay Brothers show from last winter. I also came across Press - a letterpress studio and gallery next door - with wooden typeface! (Mmmmmmmmm.)

Since I've been feeling the pressure of "and, and, and," lately, I thought I'd try something new - "or" (haha ;)). I had grand ambitions of topping off the day by seeing the Mark Dion exhibition at Mass MOCA, but instead decided to shoot for seeing the galleries or the museum (this time ;)).

I feel like the installation is starting to come together - continuing to chip away at the larger elements (still working on that winged lion... more soon). I probably shouldn't admit this, but it occurred to me on the drive home from North Adams that "the forest of and, and, and" needs trees, (and I think trees are like sheep - they need to be at least 3 to be happy. ) With that - Captain Obvious overtakes me yet again (doh!). But in all seriousness, while I'm working hard on the installation and much remains to be done, I also want to be give non-distracted, quality time and attention to the people and creatures in my life. Hmmmmmm - "Or" is such a rare beast in the Forest of And, And, And