Monday, May 18, 2015

phase 6 ...

[drumroll...] the third of 3 [and oy.]

Here's a virtual version of what they look like together - I'm happy to be nearing completion on these (*still need to frame, pack and ship them).

I decided to use real buttons and use the sewing of the
buttons as part of the attachment of the layers
(so the buttons are buttons and working as buttons,
 if that makes any sense)
...and a real chain for the watch. The button on the glove is
the same as Columbina's earrings, repeating some
of the elements in different ways across the three pieces.
(I particularly enjoy the drawn in shadow of the
watch on the glove)

I also kept working on the bunny bucks, carving 2 blocks ("A" and "B" - labelled before the date).

with a coin for scale (- the bunny is cuter than George Washington, no?)
then I printed.42 of hand (!) 

I enjoy the mini Hudson whale
I gave them away. 

I also did the prep work and started this ball point drawing on a polyester lithography plate.

Other art goings on...

As we can see, I was one of the first people in the door because  I really  (really, really) wanted to see the work (heart!), but predicted (correctly) that the crowdedness would be panic inducing (true - but I got to spend about an hour looking at the work, and  it's not far, so maybe I can go back  at a less busy time?)

Some of my favorite parts - the way text and patterns make value in the gray (!!), this blackened heart on the inside, and the faces. The artist works with simple tools and found objects (wood, aluminum, and copper wore) - I'm amazed by the way he's able to do so much with what was around him.  I like this work because it's aesthetically pleasing, has lots (and lots) of labor and craftsmanship, and includes creatures/characters/textile-like surfaces. Plus there are  lots of layers, shiny surfaces, text and patterns. (Visual yum - gush!)
Also, the town of Kinderhook is pretty, (though, to me, it sort of felt disturbingly manicured (though it may have been my edge-of-panic mood?)).

 Ryder Cooley & Dustbowl Fairies

Last, but definitely not least! I went to a terrific musical performance by Ryder Cooley & Dustbowl Fairies and Melora Creager - launching the Dustbowl Fairies' indiegogo campaign.  I thought they sounded incredible. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the campaign will meet and more than meet, and looking forward to hearing the completed album!

and in non-art (but still sort of art) news...
:o !

I baked for one of the first times since
before Christmas, and the doily is from 
the same set as Columbina's collar - lol.

(You can take the artist out of the studio...)