Sunday, December 13, 2015

too tired for words (but happy!) :)

Too tired for lots of words right now, but I didn't want to deprive you of pictures ;)
Firstly, a big thank you goes out to Women's Studio Workshop

photo by Chelsea Campbell 
photo by Chelsea Campbell - thank you Chelsea!

it started by carving the top small (about 8 x 8" )...
then I it got bigger (a very nice job registering these 6 plates onto one sheet - thumbs up!)

then painting and refinement with ink and color pencils

ahhhhh - a beautiful art-moment

all together now...
but she was lonely...

no worries

that's what flying rats are for ;)
I did get out of the studio a little though

taking in some nature

and I got a Christmas tree for my feline assistants
(good human).

After rubbing her face on it, Jr. quickly brought over her
favorite toy and stationed herself to guard both
toy and tree simultaneously (she is a very clever kitty).

and I baked gingerbread kitties

combining two of my favorites things in to one
fragrant and delectable morsel.