Sunday, January 10, 2016

Still listening, listening, listening....

Guess who made their first polyester lithography plates at home today!!!(!!!)
(And I only had to return to the store to exchange the printer once, and yes, when the first plate printed,  I jumped around the house while my feline assistants looked on perplexed, probably thinking: "crazy human.")

But it works(!!!!)

new polyester plates, laid over the cartoon.
This is excellent news because it means the large block I'm carving can be the last for the giant wings; AND if the printing goes well, and I can get good enough at joining and printing the polyester plates, then I can scan and flip the wing blocks and transfer them onto polyester plates instead of carving a second wing (fingers crossed!) This would save me hundreds of hours of work - not that I don't want to put the time into carving, more that, now that I've carved it once, I don't really see the benefit of carving it a second time as a mirror image. I'd much rather spend that time carving something new (like a unicorn perhaps?)  

Progress on the final wing block.

keeping my carving pillow warm for me - such an
excellent helper
Initially, I thought there were going to be 5 blocks, but it turns out there are 8 parts, 7 block/plates, with one of the polyester plates being used twice. Then again, I thought there were 18 blocks/plates in the figure, but when I counted, there are 34; so, not the best track record on estimating here - maybe just like everything takes longer than I think, everything is also more parts? 
 It wasn't all blocks and plates this week (though mostly, it kind of was :p ), I've also continued with the January "Big Clean."  Still not quite finished with this, but made progress on the stairwell down to the basement - discarding, cleaning, repainting...fortituuuuuude!
Some very exciting developments in the works...stay tuned :)!