Monday, March 21, 2016

spring flowers

Happy first day of spring! What better way to celebrate than with art flowers? :)

I tried something new, and printed shaped polyester lithography plates in white on black paper and added the flowers printed in a brownish-gold on pink marbled paper.
polyester lithography plates on black stonehenge paper, 15 x 22"

First, I drew these patterns and transferred them onto plates:

These are a type of pen drawing that I do sometimes just to relax and practice hand control, but I thought they could work as polyester lithography plates, so I made these this week, then scanned them and transferred them onto plates.

After the trial installation, I've been thinking that I'd like some type of patterning as a ground that can be joined in segments like a stained glass window. I remember looking closely at grisaille with silver stain patterns and plants in a stained glass window (but despite scouring the internet and my photo archives, I couldn't find a picture corresponding to the memory...and since I can't remember the rest of the window - it's main subject or where I saw it (though I think it may have been at the Ely Cathedral Stained Glass Museum?); I couldn't find a photo, but luckily, I remember that one small section pretty well, and wanted to try something similar using these patterns as landscape.  

I cut the edge of the plates into a grass pattern, inked it in white, printed, then printed the plant on top of it.  I printed the flowers separately in gold on pink paper that I'd marbled earlier in the week. I like the way it turned out, but this go round, I was only able to get one print - the first try, I didn't have the ink quite right ( - the first time I've tried anything except black with the polyester plates :) ). On this one, the plant plate tore (badly - oops). It's an interesting start - I like the way it looks (thumbs up!), but still a few technical challenges to work through on a small scale before trying to expand it into room-scale...

In para-art news, I found an owl cookie cutter and made my first batch of shortbread owls (yum :) )

Spring also means spring cleaning and repairs, and I've been working in the yard, clearing things out and getting very excited for spring planting (soon!!). In the studio I've been organizing and letting things go - one of the best "fixes" of the week - this bookcase...
Just No.