Monday, June 27, 2016

Exhibition :)

 It's up!
The wing installed!
Me with the unicorn installation (!) - I was very happy/relieved to see it done, delivered, and up - a memorable moment for sure! My mom took pictures (Thanks Mom!)  
Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art on the day of the opening

Figuring out the placement
I was very excited to see the wing and the unicorn installation installed for the first time!

I enjoyed seeing people interact with the artwork at the opening - Examples :) 

It was fun to see people take pictures with the wing, and I want people to be able to get close to, interact with, and enjoy the artwork; at the same time, it's still a chalk outline - a truly horrific thing. The way it overlaps beautiful/terrible, playful/serious is part of what I like about it.

It was my first time seeing the unicorn and its landscape parts finished and up on the wall together.
I thought it would work...but 
until it's up, one never really knows...[big sigh of relief!].

 I did my best to try to photograph this at different focal lengths - trying to get the view from a distance and up close - I designed it to be like Gothic artwork in the way the level of detail functions like a fractal - the detail repeats on smaller and smaller scales so that the feel of the piece can be replicated at different focal lengths. 

[This may be one of those "pictures are more useful than words moments" ;) ...]

Debuting a new hanging strategy with these - I decided not to try to hide the wall mounting apparatus but instead incorporate it into the work then nail right through it with brass nails:

While I tend to focus on the latest work, there was lots to see, all from the last two years, and I think it looks great in this space (very happy to see it on gray walls which I think show off the work much better than white walls would).


One last new thing!  Since May, I've been working on these digital collages, created with scans of my blocks and drawings in photoshop. These are so new that I framed them in Georgia for the show -  I like the bunny so much that one may be coming to live on my wall soon ;).