Sunday, July 17, 2016

Tree and Fox

A busy week in Artlandia! 

I tried something fun with the Gothic Tree - I brought it to a nice copy shop to have the whole thing scanned on a rolling scanner (one that can take a piece of paper up to 36" wide - this print, 35.5" ;) )

The result was a scan of the whole thing at 600 dpi (!!!) - this is awesome, because it means there's enough detail that I can make the image even bigger and transfer it onto polyester plates.  Because it's one scan and one file, I can divide it into sections and be sure that the parts will fit back together again at the end (key, that ;) ).

I started testing it out, focusing on a cropped view spread across 3 plates.  I then both added and subtracted elements by drawing on and cutting the plates.

Next stage will be printing (more to come!)
testing out increasing the size of the tree and transferring it to polyester plates

I also started carving a fox. I think I have an idea for this...still thinking [hmmmmm.]

 Garden News!

blackberries are doing well - must resist as the ripen
 [steeples fingers - soon.]

These are some of my favorites - they look black in the fall
(which I also like), but in the summer, they're an
 unusual oxblood.
Looks like I may finally have found the right spot for the moss roses (and Honey seems to like them too :) )

 Puppy update!

Stage 1: "Why, thank you, Human, for this lovely giant water dish."
Stage 2: "Ohhhhhhhhh, gotcha!"
Family unity! Now if only my Princess would join us - she's doing well,  but still isn't so sure about napping too close to "the little beast" (Honey :P ).