Monday, August 15, 2016

Big Fox

We have a big fox! (Or, at least, the blocks to make a big fox...printing, still to come, but having the blocks is a big step in the right direction :D).   This week, I finished the body and made the tail.                                                                                         I was so focused on making the blocks that I haven't exactly figured out where/how I'm going to print the body (the block is too big for Lucille, my lovely press). So - either hand printing or a field trip - we'll see ;) .
New block for the tail - I feel like I'm starting to get the feel for the look of changes in the color of the fur (thumbs up!)
For the second week in a row, I've been kind of boring, focusing all my energy on the fox (on the other hand, having all the blocks for a life-scale fox within two weeks is pretty exciting - does this mean I could have, say, a horse, in month? [steeples fingers]).  

Apart from working on the fox, I've been taking the opportunity while a lot of the work was out on exhibition to clean and reorganize the studios (and the rest of the house in general). Planning/scheming and gearing up for the next big thing (more on that to come...soon.). 

In doing general repairs, I restrung my favorite swallows mobile, much to Jr.'s delight. My Princess does not look too enamored with it, but so long as it doesn't impede her from her favorite spot on the bed/ next to her human (those are my toes in the lower left), meh.  (One guess on how every string on the mobile got broken in the first place :P - let's just say, the human hung it a little higher and further from the end of the bed this time.) 

The Little Bear continues to grow and perseveres in her mission to find the largest stick in the forest on which to chew.  Since she had outgrown her puppy bed, the one she'd had since coming home with me as a baby, I brought her a new bed but wasn't sure whether she would "take" to it. Haha, no worries - I picked up a new Rocky at the same time (Rocky III having been recently beheaded like his brethren before him). I put Rocky IV in the new bed, and it seems my smart pup figured it out right away: "Mine, and also mine."

And, of course, there were flowers...
The yellow and white stripes are looking especially
lovely against the silvery grey of their neighbor.  
bonus points for being mini