Monday, December 19, 2016

More (fancy) Garbage

 First off (drumroll...!) I officially completed the professional certificate in graphics and animation at the University of North Georgia that I started last January! (with a little less than 2 weeks left in the year ;) )  - Whoop!

Having proofed (and proofed) the 18 x 12 tracery block last week, I printed lots of them :)

After last weeks design and prep work, I also made the block for "Gula," "Gluttony, as the next of the seven deadly sins in (faux-) garbage - thumbs up!


I also printed these on a silver metallic paper to mimic the sheen of an aluminum can.

Then I transferred a new polyester plate of tracery onto a 9 x 12" block - a very nice transfer (if I do say so myself  O:) )

It was an exciting week - the pup also received her certificate as an AKC Star Puppy!! (I'm so proud of her! - she passed her obedience test and we're continuing to practice so that she may be able to go on and train and become certified as a therapy dog.)

I baked dog (and kitty) treats to celebrate, and they must have been a hit, because I had to rescue the tupperware as she attempted to gnaw it open (notice that front corner, haha).
beauty and brains :)

and because I love all my creatures - both kitties on the press