Monday, September 11, 2017


I really enjoy the eye on this (though at times it can be a little unsettling,
feeling like it's watching me).
A very busy week in Artlandia!  Energy going in a few different directions.  First, work continues on the fox.  I'm in the process of doing the final sewing down of the parts.  This is very slow going and frustrating, because it looks done, but...  

At an angle - all the parts glued and ironed down.
Using the thread both to hold things down
and add to the composition.

Even though there are still many hours of sewing left, it's entered it's final stage; things!

I'm making new work for an upcoming show at Thompson Giroux in November. There are size guidelines, so the goal is smaller pieces. I'm trying something new - making some larger panoramic pieces then cut them into smaller parts. Then, they can be rearranged to make different scenes, like and art build your own adventure. I started by marbling some paper. Then used the pattern in the marbling as the guide for a landscape and added acrylic washes.

new collage in process (in front of the fox)

I'm still testing all sorts of parts, and because of the scale, I reprinted some of my old favorites that I haven't used in a while - some rams and bulls (and planes and boats and houses).

The goal is to have two sets of 3 pieces - we'll see O:) .

I also did framing (and paper work) for an upcoming exhibition. I find this difficult while it's in process, but exciting when it's done. 

I also am continuing to work on the swallows installation.  I don't want to dwell on that too much, since it will get it's own entry, but it was something I spent time on this week and it's moving along.
polyester lithography print on toned block with added white ink
carved block
state 1 and state 2 of proofs
proof of state 2 (a tiny bit more refining left on the lower wing tip - almost there!)

In para art news - I got to make a site visit to First Presbyterian of Albany and see their beautiful Tiffany Window!  Love that cobalt blue (heart!)

In creature news...I thought this was funny. My feline assistants have been faithfully keeping me company as I've been working late - the shot on the left is from around 2 am, calling it quits, and both kitties are completely sacked out...the next morning, I come back home from walking Honey to find them ready to go - back in their exact same spaces, waiting for me to get going, haha.

In pup news - Honey continues to enjoy her weekly adventures with her human, and she's an excellent helper as I photography interesting plants, bugs, etc.

Lots of beautiful sunsets of late:

The garden is winding downs, but still enjoying some beautiful flowers.