Monday, August 7, 2017

Aedicule re-print, drapery block, cute creatures

 A busy week in Artlandia! Work continues on the pseudo-tapestry. This week I focused on the architectural elements for the top.

As part of my studio cleaning/ equipment updating, I recently bought a Japanese Brayer from McClain's which is by far the nicest and largest bray I have, and I was excited to try it out on one of the larger blocks.  I decided to print this one - the tracery block from December.  I was never completely happy with how the proofs of this block turned out - I felt there was much more information in the block than was showing in the prints. Plus, the other elements that I'd like to combine it with - the turrets and rose branches - are on a different color paper with a different ink, so to get the parts to match, I needed to reprint.
Good Brayer! 

Ultimately, I used my new brayer and (Awesome!) disc barren to print this by hand.  These blocks are so soft and thick that I just haven't had much success printing them on the press and ultimately they may not be a good fit for the etching press (also, this particular block is uneven.) Luckily, the hand print turned out better, and I felt vindicated that there is more detail than previously showed.
for comparison - hand printed left and from the press on the right.
 I also toned the rose branches and added the roses.  I think I have the pieces now, but will set this part aside until I can get the other parts assembled and on the wall (since I'm out of floor space :p ).

I also started a new block (it was time :) ).  I used the digital composite of St. Michael that I put together from 15th century sources as a template and transferred it onto a gomuban block.  This is the first full block of gomuban that I'll be carving, and so I was a little apprehensive.  It took several tries, but I got a good transfer onto the block, then spent a day editing the transfer on the block - wiping off sections I don't need and making changed in sharpie directly on the block. For one thing, I just want the clothing elements, since I plan to carve the head, hands and feet separately and add the accessories in later, so there was a good bit of editing.  Once that was done, I started carving. If the block turns out well, I plan to use the prints as a source for a full sized figure to go with the life-scale wings. 

In addition, I'm starting a new installation project, which will get it's very own post (O, the anticipation ;) !)

In creature news, Honey, the intrepid explorer loves hiking with her human. Since she loved the falls so much, I've been trying to pick paths near water (good human O:) ).

In kitty news, a memorable moment this week - one on-going drama in our house is the question of "which kitty gets to sit on the human in the rocking chair." Usually, if the Princess and Jr. are both in the room, Princess will sit on my lap first with Jr. waiting patiently nearby, until, when kitty senior feels like it, she'll let her little sister have a chance while she goes and checks on her bowl - but our Princess must have been feeling particularly charitable because she let little Jr. go first and she was so, so happy.

I think the garden may be at maximum!

And! Look how patient and good Honey has gotten at letting her human take pictures.