Monday, July 3, 2017

rose bough, pseudo tapestry, and rainbow

 A very busy week in Artlandia!

Work continues on the rose bough:
At 30" - it's big enough that a
single photo doesn't really do
 it justice.
detail with a marker for scale - thumbs up :)
I also started this 9" block of patterned molding
(that could be used between the turrets or as a border).

Work continues on the pseudo tapestry...but at this point, I'm not sure how visible it is from the photo - I've started sewing the parts together and toning the interior sections, for example in between the stems and leaves of the plants, with acrylic and color pencil and still refining the edges a little. I also took a big step and sewed a seam across the top of the mesh that it's  going to be attached to and inserted a dowel so that it's ready for the parts.  I decide to split it into sections. In part, because it will exceed my wall size when I add the turrets, in part to distribute the weight across several pieces. In part, it also has to do with attention - now I can focus on just finishing this section and don't need to wait to finish the architectural/ rose bough part, since that will be assembled in a separate segment.  Full steam ahead!

my digitally hybridized version 
I also did some digital work - Now, that I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (maybe? I think?) with the unicorn...I made a sketch for a future giant collage of Archangel Michael and the Devil.  In my mind the angel looks a particular way, and I haven't been able to find any examples that are close enough (and I've looked and looked and looked) - so I digitally combined some of my favorite 15th century versions to get as close as I could to an approximation of the way I'm picturing it.  It's just an approximation, but I'm happy with how well I got the versions to blend together - thumbs up.

The main sources are 15th century prints by: Master ES, Schongauer and Monogrammist FVB, respectively, all from the versions in the collection of the British Museum.

Both Feline Assistants checking out the new addition
(as soon as they were done playing with the box that is ;) )
Princess: "What is this, Human, that you have added to my domain?"
and Jr: " I better rub my face on it then guard (/nap near) it 
- just in case it moves."
I've also been hard at work cleaning and updating the studio.  This week I assembled my very own drying rack! I'm very excited, and it appears the Feline Assistants approve.

I had to open the door to the room with the pseudo-tapestry
to let the A/C in...the cool air wasn't all that came in
"- So this is what you've been keeping from me."
[plopping down right in the middle of the art - doh.]

...and because I love all my creatures,
Honey the Wonder-pup on a hike.  

...where we got super close to this raptor
and I caught it in flight. ( :) !)

very pretty

And because it wouldn't be a complete post without pictures of this week's flowers...


Last, but not least, a beautiful rainbow
 (it was even triple at one point :o - though I didn't manage to capture that in the pictures,
- still, there's no such thing as an ugly rainbow.)