Monday, June 26, 2017

flowers and art, art and flowers

I'm especially happy that the
blue delphinium I planted
last year came back,
 and such unusual
(marbled!) petals
Very excited that my flowers are starting to bloom :) ! Check out this lovely bouquet from my yard (I really like this arrangement.)                      

 I also check out the flowers in the conservation area, and the one I used for the block last week (far right) are now everywhere.


I continued working on the 12 x 30" rose bough wood block - and, fortunately, one of my favorite little flowers served as good models.

I made some progress, but still a ways to go...  

*While it may seem like I've forgotten about the unicorn pseudo-tapestry, I haven't :). This block is going to combine with the turret to make up the top and upper sides - imagine it like a life-scale version of a 15th century manuscript that combines a French-style architectural border with German-style plant border (Pictures!!)
The turrets will go on the sides...
...and the rose bough will go between them at an angle.
Horas de Nossa S[e]nora segundo costume Roma[n]o, co[n] as horas do Spirito Sa[n]cto. Paris [Wolfgang Hopyl for] Narcisse Bruno, 13 Feb. 1500.(Rosenwald 451) digitized by the Library of Congress
Peregrinatio in Terram
Mainz. Erhard Reuwich for
(Rosenwald 148)
digitized by the
Library of Congress

 Venturing outside the studio to see art, I went to a very festive opening at Jack Shainman Gallery's The School in Kinderhook, featuring these fantasy coffins by artist Paa Joe.

Back in Hudson, I also saw a show which included Kahn and Selesnick's Tarot Deck at Carrie Haddad Gallery - I'd been watching these develop online so it was really fun to see the original paintings and the debut of the full deck in person (spoiler alert - it includes a pangolin!)   

Back home in time to see this scene - I think I'll call it: "Sunset over Dumpsters."