Monday, May 22, 2017

pseudo-tapestry update

A visual update on the pseudo-tapestry:

Progress, sloooooooow progress.

In part, it's going slowly because I carved new blocks.  Despite having many flower blocks, I decided none of them were quiiiiite right.  So I picked flowers, drew them directly on the block, and carved them. Then I marbled paper and printed.  Grumble though I may, I think these are a better fit.

Other reasons progress is slow - I cut out the flowers, printed additional plant blocks, and attached them with adhesive and then sewing.

I also started cutting the interior edges of the ground (Eep! About half way there) and shaped the edge and sewed together the tree trunk,

Another block I carved and proofed (*though I may do a little more carving - still thinking :) ) is a mouse...because the chipmunk turned out to be too big (sigh).

Work also continues on the turret. 

Outside the studio, I was excited to attend the opening of Becoming: 30 Hotchkiss Artists at the Tremaine Gallery and see the squirrel and carousel diptych framed on the wall for the first time :). The show looks great and will be up until June 18th. I enjoyed seeing a variety of work, meeting the curators and other artists, and catching up with my former teachers.

In creature news - we had our first extremely hot days. Even though temperatures have returned to seasonable levels, I put the air conditioning unit in...and within mere seconds, my Princess, she of the luxuriously long fur, had rotated her primary napping location to be right in front of the air conditioner (smart kitty). Junior brought her favorite toy and plopped down on the floor...right in front of the air conditioner (second smart kitty). Honey is enjoying the outdoors - playing ball and getting belly rubs in the grass.