Monday, May 8, 2017

chipmunk in landscape, turret, phoenix

This is a much more efficient way of adding the ants/fly so that
 they are in the same plate with the plant and ground.
A busy week in Artlandia with various projects at different stages of development.

First, the chipmunk got an art-home (thumbs up!)

- I made a polyester plate for the background by digitally combining scans of my plant, flower, fly and ant blocks and layering them with an antique map. Then I printed them on marbled paper and added hand coloring and thread and collaged in the chipmunk.

Naturally, I'm also carving something (always ;) ).  This week, it's been this lovely Gothic tower.  This is about the top 12" of a 30" block.  I know that, if it comes together (fingers crossed!), I'll really like it when it's done, but right now, it feels like slow going.

Also, I did some digital collaging. I picked back up on the phoenix. The block is 18 x 24," and I was able to get a good image by digitally stitching together 2 scans. Then I added a background based on a scan of my marbling.  I'm not 100% sure this is the final image yet, but it's getting close.  

And last, but definitely not least, I've been continuing work on the unicorn pseudo-tapestry.  I had to lay it out on the ground because there are too many large/heavy overlapping pieces to get them up on the wall unattached.  It's pretty funny because its takes up most of the floor space. (I think the room is only about 7 feet across - that's why the tree trunk isn't all there - it doesn't fit! I'm eager to start sewing it together and get it back on the wall.  

In para-art news, it was Honey and my first visit to the conservation area this spring.  It's been rainy so the trails were very muddy, but she had a great time (look at the blur of wagging tail, haha).