Monday, May 15, 2017

more chipmunk, phoenix, turret...

A busy week in Artlandia! As mentioned last week, I have a lot of different projects in process, so this week was largely a continuation of on-going projects.  

collage from relief print and
polyester lithography plate
with hand coloring
Last week I made a physical collage of the chipmunk using a relief print and polyester lithography plate that I hand colored. Since I had already started working with the digital files to combine scans of the relief prints of the plant, ants, flowers, and map into a single polyester lithography plate, I went ahead and continued working with and adding to the files to make a new digital collage.
digital collage based on scans of relief prints, marbled paper
and antique map
Digital work continued on the phoenix as well, and I think this is the final version - the goal being to have it editioned at the same time as the chipmunk.

Since there's only so long I can sit at the computer (oy.) I've also been continuing to carve the turret.  This is really slow going, and I was thinking - it's like a miniature - that just happens to be really big (haha).  Really though, it sort of is, in the sense that it's the same tools and level of detail as a miniature.  
couldn't get a picture sans tail
Clearly, I've had lots of feline assistance on this (my clever
Princess knows where her human is directing attention and is
 an expert at intercepting it.)
Work also continues on the pseudo tapestry.  I did not start sewing it together this week (sigh :p ), but only because I decided it needed a few more things.  Most critically before I start sewing, I decided the ground wasn't deep enough, so I prepared the paper and printed another 4 ft piece from the ground block. I also made polyester plates with smaller versions of the plants to help the space recede by repeating similar forms, smaller.  
I also toned and painted paper to print a few additional plants and carved and printed a new block.  
The new block is for "Luxuria," "Lust" so that the pseudo-tapestry will be the biggest yet piece in the on-going series of the seven deadly sins through faux consumerist garbage.   

In para-art news, I did make my annual trip to the fancy plant nursery and took beautiful, colorful pictures...which were sadly lost when my phone died.  The technological situation is gladly in hand, but pictures are limited to the Innenwelt this week. Onward!