Monday, June 5, 2017

more flowers, chipmunks, and Gothic turrets

 A busy week in Artlandia!

I hadn't realized it, but I "needed" another chipmunk. While a lovely new creature block is generally a positive thing, it wasn't exactly on my radar to be doing this this week. I was planning to continue work on the turret (which I did)...however, the turret has been going soooooo slowly that I started to wonder if maybe I'd just become an awful carver or wasn't working as hard on it as I thought. So I decided to take a break and quickly make something fun (chipmunk!).

Jr. assisting with scale
Then I went back to the turret, and I really am almost finished (the initial round) of carving.  I'm so close that I was tempted to work on it all morning and try to finish it for this post, but after so many hours, I don't want to rush the last bit (and also, since it's been slower than estimated all along, if I thought it might be done today, that probably means more like Wednesday :p ).

I was lucky to have lots of feline assistance with this in a pose I think of as "double-decker kitties" where my Princess sits in her bed and Jr. sprawls on the desk right next to my carving spot - it's like being on stage with an attentive audience both at orchestra level and in the mezzanine. 
Look at that face!  This was her right before the test - not nervous at all.
Speaking of the creature-family...big news!  Honey passed her therapy dog test!(!!) I am so, so, soooo proud.  She did great (I think I was the nervous one). 

 a selfie of us to commemorate, haha

In para-art news, we did more flower research.  

look at that Giant! mushroom
- it's broader than a tree! Now
where is the Cheshire Cat?