Wednesday, October 31, 2018


A busy week in Artlandia!  I think this week was the peak of fall colors and I took soooo many landscape photos!

First in terms of art-making - I started another kestrel block. This one is slightly larger, 12 x 12," and the goal is to have more options from which to make a series.

New marbled paper with image for plate -
 Feline Assistant, Sr. helping establish scale.

In trying to place the previous kestrel, I also concluded that these need to be a little bigger, so I marbled paper - 3 sheets of 16 x 20" and 2 sheets of 18 x 24." I made a new polyester lithography plate to use in the background...the only thing is that the larges plates I have are 10 x 15," so I made the plate fade toward the edges so I can fill in parts by hand and (hopefully!) it won't be too jarring.  I may also make a block to print on top of it in front (Hmmmmmm.) 

In creature news, I'm so happy my little flock seems to be so well bonded - they eat and sleep together.

And now...landscape shots. It was so hard to choose!

A few themes emerged: vistas

 Then stand out colors/shapes of trees within a vista

Then individual trees that I like for their color and/or shape

As we can see - it was a very pretty tree week!  Lots of material for future collage landscapes :)