Friday, January 6, 2012

Heritage Center show and Mini 23

Happy 2012!   The year has gotten off to an art-filled start.  Above is the invitation for a group exhibition in which I'll have several pieces (including the chess pieces on the lower right) in North Augusta, SC, beginning January 10th.  The opening will be January 20th (for details, see: No alcoholic beverages at the opening, but I will be contributing some homemade, dark chocolate chip scones.) Now that I've been a good, self-promoting artist, onward to mini 23...

Mini 23 started out life as a coaster.  Yes, it used to be a drink coaster; but not just any coaster, a really pretty one, made from handmade, sustainable, fair trade paper.  It's part of the Sustain and Heal initiative spearheaded by Annika Buxman of De Milo Design in S. Pasadena (  I got to visit the studio while I was in California for Christmas, and Annika was nice enough to give me a tour as well as some samples (which I carried on the plane and managed to defend against being crushed by some truly massive carry-ons wielded by weary, post-holiday travelers - no easy task). The coaster was a beta, which I was supposed to be testing (oops), but the paper was just so beautiful that I felt like I had to turn it into a mini.  (It's hard to see from the photo, but the paper has veins of silver in it, and 'shiny' probably comes right after 'mini' on my list of favorite things).  I still have two full sheets of the paper.  I've been hoarding them for the moment because I want to put them to the best possible use, but I suspect you'll be seeing them very soon.   

Miniature #23 - January 2-8, 2012, app. 3.5 x 3.5 in, ink and acrylic on paper on board