Sunday, July 22, 2012

MINI 50!

Miniature #50 - July 16 - 22, 2012, 
I almost can't believe it - here it is - mini #50 of 50!(!!) The moral of #50 is that found objects are fun to paint on, and I should never be allowed to listen to the Danse Macabre on repeat ever again (joking... kind of)  I've been saving this carved, fold-out, triptych panel especially for #50 because I wanted it to be extra special and am so glad that I did. I packed most of the minis two weeks ago, and they do, in fact, fit in a shoe box (it's a boot box, but still).  I have my favorites among them and my not-as-favorites (though I'll never say which, because all the minis are dear to me in their own way).  Even the not-as-favorite ones taught me something and, in the end, I still believe that, in general, it's better to do/make something than not. On that note, all good things must come to an end, and The Power in Precision Project is now officially complete!(!) (I know multiple exclamation points are frowned upon in a stylistic sense, but surely some situations merit them, no?) Thank you for following - an archive of all 50 miniatures is on view at:  and for those desirous of even more tiny-artiness - a solo show of minis + is in the works for fall 2013 (yay! More on that to come as details unfold).  Lastly, because it's not in my nature not to have a project going, I've already started the next project: Tempus Fugit: an art experiment in life-improvement through time/space management about which I will post very soon (after savoring my mini-mission-accomplished-happiness just a little bit longer :) )