Sunday, July 15, 2012

mini 49

Miniature #49 - July 9 - 16, 2012, 5.75 x 5.75 in, mixed media on panel
Mini 49 - and the mini project is nearing the finish line (sadness). When I updated my main site (, I realized that the theme and composition of this mini are similar to mini 1, but this one includes an (awesome, if I do say so myself) bird, and the city is much better drawn.  I also feel like I've developed a more individualized (if unusual) palette. I keep coming back to this aqua, chartruse, light red (that's right, it's light red, not pink) and gray combo.  I find it intriguingly hideous somehow.  I also prefer the square format to a rectangle now. Despite my claim (when was it - oh, mini 6!) that panel is kind of a pain to prepare in a week, and maybe I just wouldn't do that anymore (ha ha), I think I've streamlined (or just accepted) the panel preparation process. Mini 49 is also nicely varnished, a skill I've honed over the course of the project.  Things that haven't changed - I was getting a little frustrated as I was adding the finishing touches that the light in the studio seemed to be fluctuating - wait, that change in studio lighting, that would be sunrise - oops (in my defense, the studio at the CAC residency has opalescent stained glass.)

My residency is going well and, as promised, I've been working on a statement outlining my next project.  In the meantime, it seems tiny creatures like tiny paintings too! (Yup, that's a panel being prepared background :) ).  

49 complete and only one more to go