Sunday, September 9, 2012

Principle 2c - build to last

Trying to follow principle #1 and working out of my studio-in-a-box, I made another tiny print this week. The piece isn't bad - I'm starting to get the hang of carving value on this scale, but, somehow, it seems insufficient this time. Maybe because I got in a good working rhythm during the residency at CAC only to have my studio practice fall out from under me (I feel a little like Wiley Coyote in that respect); but in terms of #2b, I'm going to think of this as an "opportunity for reflection."  I realized, that while I can be very efficient with my time, I'm most productive when I can work sequentially rather than through multitasking, which relates to this week's principle to work on keeping track of the sequence and ordering it carefully for long term results.  So, while I didn't make as much artwork as I'd like this past week, I've done a few things to build a strong foundation for life-long artistic time/space management:

1) Entered all my sculptural work into the form I built to feed in to a backed up database (it works - two thumbs up!), and started the corresponding photo database.
2) Learned that 'quick books' is magical but elusive. I'm not great with written instructions, and I like being able so ask questions, so I found a day-long, introductory workshop at the local community college which might be a good option. Seeing how much I don't know has been overwhelming, but it's helped me identify some longer term goals (such as applying for a grant for studio office equipment and some business courses.)   
3) Going on an informational visit to Etsy's office next week (!?!)
 Who wouldn't be happy waking up to this?
"To liberate ourselves, let's liberate the flower."
- Jacques Derrida, The Truth in Painting
4) Got an additional job!  I'm very enthusiastic - I  knew it was absolutely the job for me when I walked in and there were beautifully sculpted animals, figures and anatomical models and (here's the clincher -) stray paint. That's right - I may get to use spray paint for work (dreams really do come true ;).
5) I've taken some big steps toward finding a long-term home.  I knew six months ago when I decided to work larger and get back in to making more sculpture that I'd need to make some drastic (but not irrational) changes, but after researching, thinking, and planning for months, things are finally becoming more concrete (and I really like concrete).
6) Put the CAC paintings on my artist site.

O, and I had a lot of fun - I wasn't familiar with the "all you can pick" concept for flowers until now, but I like it! I made it my personal mission to have every flower be a different color and the vase was made by my friend Mary Anne.
I live here now.