Sunday, September 23, 2012

Phase 2 - patience, patience, patience

Lots of opportunities this week to practice time/space management!  Things are a little overwhelming (in a good way) right now, so I'm trying to break things down into small steps and prioritize, prioritize, prioritize; but no matter how overwhelming things seem - there's always time for art-making, right?  Working on being patient and reflective I reworked some elements of last week's piece. After looking at the photographs, I wasn't happy that the stems of the poppies didn't show up, so I added a layer of pen over the original pencil, and also added another layer of yellow acrylic to the background. I put a neon yellow line around the figure in highlighter to suggest motion (the boundary between the neon yellow and blue seems to vibrates slightly) and sewed down the bird and folded its wing to be an element of "pop-up" just like the flower petals.

But, always keeping in mind principle #1, (and because I can't help myself), I started a new piece this week too.

In other news - I have a new gig as an arts writer for! I'm working on my first stories right now and am very excited about going on art adventures and writing about them each week for this, the arts portion of the Millbrook Independent. (two thumbs up! I just keep reminding myself: "there are no emoticons, extensive bracketing, or excessive exclamation points in newspaper reporting - just stick to the facts mam," haha.  But seriously, I'm very excited and will give it my best, wish me luck!)