Sunday, October 7, 2012

Phase 2 - be prepared for good things, conclusion

What use would planning be without doing? This past week has given me the chance to really put phase two to the test with arting, 2+ jobs, school, moving, exhibition and an upcoming conference presentation (whew!) I feel like time/space preparation was key to finishing these two pieces for a show and submitting work for a juried (minis!) exhibition.

I also put giving into practice and made these tiny prints for friends and a charity auction

I used a new technique, inspired by the principles of tempus fugit. I wanted to bring pattern and color (both on my list of "favorite things") into the tiny prints.  I cut the tiny prints out and collaged them onto this patterned paper (saved from the trash!)  It's a great use of time for me because, while I love carving the images, I struggle to line them up on the paper when I print them. I'm also not good at cutting straight lines (even with a paper cutter), but enjoy cutting out curves - so printing and then cutting them out and affixing them to pre-cut patterned paper brings in additional elements of color and pattern that I think adds to the prints and allows me the maximum amount of time on my favorite part - the cutting of the block. I've concluded that they make nice gifts, and are especially enjoyable when accompanied by a baked good.

Overall - I've concluded that preparation is a continuous process that requires lots of patience. I feel I need to keep practicing this one, (especially the resting part), but since I think it looks like practicing preparation might be a life-long practice, I see no reason not to move on the the next phase ;) :

Phase 3 - dwell in the house of possibility.