Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Phase 3 - dwell in the house of possibility, update

looks like she's adjusting ok :)
So, this week, I've concluded that, while I want to dwell in the house of possibility, it may be important not to leave the doors and windows open too far (the feline assistant might get out, and no possible house is complete for me without my favorite feline assistant.  We were reunited with this week, and I couldn't restrain myself from including a cute kitty picture :)).  What I mean is - while I'm trying to be open to possibility so that I can better recognize it, this week I've also had to face that not all things are possible at the same time.

I did not make an artwork this week (!) That's not to say I didn't paint - because I did, a lot, but in trying to manage my time/space for long term results (principle 2c - build to last), I needed to devote time and energy to other things, and there wasn't enough for art this time (not enough for art!?) To me, art is the ultimate "possible turned material," so I feel badly that I wasn't able to make anything this week and will have to work on it, but I also want to try to appreciate the possibilities of the ways I did spend my time/ manage my space:
SECAC show with my artwork in the background

1) I went to an awesome conference, the Southeastern College Art Conference - I had work in the juried show and delivered a poster presentation. I met lots of nice people, had a fun time, learned some new things about art, and (mental drumroll please...) I got a travle grant (YAY! - thank you to the family and friends of Gulnar Bosch and SECAC! Attendance was not only possible but actual!)
yes, that carpet was pink
The walls were pink too
This reminds me of my room in VT
there are neon stripes in the carpet!

2) In 24 hours I went from pink walls and formerly pink carpet to this (did I mention that I painted, a lot? - who knew it was possible to make this sort of change so quickly? It did involve a trip to, yes, I admit it, a big box store, as well as Salvation Army, plus a few things of mine and some from the previous owner.)

3) the timing was a little tricky, but I did my best to keep up as best I could with: jobs, school, and house (while the humans at the call centers are very nice, I look forward to a time when every week does not include lots of time spent on hold or listening to auto-voice menus...can I press 1 for that to be a possibility?)

4) I deinstalled a window display of a few paintings in Chatham, NY on Main Street in conjunction with Film Columbia - while I was away during the screenings this year, maybe more people saw my work (you never know...possible)

5) I entered a juried show (we'll see... possible?)

So my week was filled with art-possibles and possibles-turned-actuals. I (still) wish I'd been able to make more art -  but it's a new week full of new possibilities ;).