Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Phase 4 - acknowledge limits, update

So I may need to keep working on this principle for a bit. I've been cheery-fying (and cleaning) my space. The latest cheerying efforts (mostly painting, makeover cost - about 12 nice cups of coffee (thumbs up :)).  I think white paint is the little black dress of interior decorating.  I couldn't not make art things though (new doll parts), and I went to figure drawing (and made it on time too! :)), and I wanted to make these cookies for a friend.

In a sense though, I wonder if the way I used my free time is an expression of limits -I cheery-fied with paint and an arty swirl of raspberry in the cookies because that's what I know how to do (I couldn't have fixed the plumbing in the bathroom or come up with the recipe for the cookies.)  Hmmmmm, a little to cheeried out think it through all the way right now, but will keep working on this one...



From the inside looking out
but there is still time for cookies right?
white chocolate and macodamian nut
 with a swirl of rasberry - mmmmmmm
new doll parts