Monday, April 8, 2013

Final review - VCCA

"Big Collage" - a life-sized, multi-piece, mixed media  assemblage :)
Back home again from VCCA after a stop in Georgia and reunited with my feline assistant (who is purring as I type this and providing an alternative to the keyboard for where to rest my hand :)). I am so happy that I had a chance to go to VCCA, meet other artists and writers, and work Big! In labeling the parts and mapping them to pack up, it came to light that Big has 45 parts! Hahaha - that's like almost a year's worth of minis in 10 working days (13 days at VCCA - 2 days (1 each for setting up and taking down) - 1 day for rest)! Though I'm happy to have had the chance to make the Big Collage, packing it up was a little sad, because I'm not sure when I'll see this one assembled again (though I was able to transport it - it fit in the car - barely). On the other hand, while driving, I had a few ideas of ways to make the next ones even bigger (imagine me laughing like a mad scientist - whahahahaha).  But for now, rest.
some parts, prepared for storage