Monday, April 22, 2013

Phase 7 - look for patterns (then do something), update

So, speaking of patterns...
I added the patterned background to this piece from last week as well as copper/gold tones to the eye. As if conjured, I came across this on my walk (and am kicking myself for not having brought a camera with a zoom - doh!) But I feel incredibly lucky to be close to conservation areas where I can see birds in their natural habitats (and super excited that its warm enough for me to spend time outside again!)
In other news - the panel piece from February is going to be in a show in Hudson, NY: Art Biologic at Limner Gallery(!!) Exhibition info and online gallery: As part of phase 6 (start with what you know and build from there), I limited my focus for juried exhibition applications to galleries within a 100 mile radius (unless there was an existing connection or special reason to apply.) It looks like that was a good decision - I've been to Limner Gallery many times and like the work that's shown there. Transporting this piece will be no problem, and I'll be able to invite friends and attend the opening. Overall, I feel like I can be more engaged because the show is close by, and I'm really looking forward to sharing this piece (live). 

I've continued with spring cleaning of the studio, and it's been a
great opportunity to look for patterns. For example, I noticed that I really like being able to see my supplies if they come in different colors (pens, pencils, paint); otherwise, I prefer them contained (canvas, white paper, graphite pencils, charcoal). I got some open bins/ shelving (and added casters :)) for the colorful supplies and put the rest in the closet.

While the studio was all nice and clean, I had a studio visit. I think it went really well - lots of good ideas! I can't wait to try a few new things (though right now I'm trying to be disciplined and finish up an on-going (non-art) project before I dive in.)

O the joy of having a closet in the studio!!
It's hard for me to believe I've been living in the owl house for 6 months now. It's really starting to feel like home. I've continued with spring cleaning beyond the studio as well, and one funny thing in the spirit of phase 7 has been looking at the house in terms of the "things I like" list (it's a real list that usually lives in the studio). Even though the list was created in reference to art-making, it corresponds closely to a lot of my home decisons (for example, grey+ is on the list as one of my favorite pallettes, and all the paint for the walls are shades of white and gray; repeating patters are on the list, and I've added little moments of repeating patterns throughout the house; plants, check (in every room); adorable creatures - the feline assistant has that one covered.) Noticing things that were absent from the list is giving  me ideas of ways to improve the space (after it's clean).

One thing I've been thinking about in terms of space/time management as I clean is that, in general, things take longer than I expect. It's taken me a year to work up to working big. I've been studying to make an animation. I'm not sure exactly how long I thought the research phase would take (it's not the first one I've ever made, but it's been a long time). Even though I've decided on some of the iconography and discovered that I can use a computer program I know well, I've barely scratched the surface. On the other hand, making the big collage in under two weeks borders the limits of  what I would have thought possible.  I think the pattern here might have more to do with energy and focus than time per se.  When I focus all my energy in one direction, things go quickly, but when I have energy going in too many directions at once, I end up feeling like a gold fish whose in a plastic bag is springing leaks like a strainer (coincidence that there's a floundering gold fish on the forest floor in Big Collage?) Also, art-making/care is a huge motivating factor. Things I wouldn't normally enjoy (like sitting at a desk and learning new computer skills) become ok if there is art at the end. Not sure where I'm going with this one - I guess seeing a pattern is only half the battle ...
packed and ready to be re-installed

re-installed - everything made the trip
without damage (thumbs up!)