Thursday, October 17, 2013

Exciting News!

A special post of good news :)
limited edition of 50, silk screen, 12" x 12" burgundy ink on gray paper

1) Have you ever wanted an owl by Tatiana? (Happy making answer: but of course! :))

This lovely print, "Owl 1" is now available from Culture + Commerce Project in Hudson! Culture + Commerce is one of those rare and exquisite places where, there's nothing inside I wouldn't be happy to take home with me (sigh!), they take phone orders and ship all over the world (unsubtle hint, hint ;)). Honestly though, beautiful things, and I'm proud that the owl is among them.

I'm really happy with the way the print turned out - it's a limited edition of 50, 12" x 12" burgundy ink on gray paper, based on my tiny block print, and silk-screened by Troy Cloth and Paper (an excellent and creature-friendly printing company - recommend :)).

Phase 1 redux has been about appreciating expertise, and some of that has been thinking about what skills I'd like to learn more about and try to develop, but another part (possible harder) has been recognizing, accepting, and appreciating skills that I think it unlikely that I will ever have. Editioning is one of the latter. I am so proud of how these turned out - the edition is crisp and even throughout...and way (way) better than I would have been able to print  myself on this scale (and safer for living things too). Process is so important to me, that it was hard to let go of any aspect, but I think it was the right call here. Fingers crossed that it goes well, (and then I can make more (more!) - I have a grand plan...[steeples fingers, pets cat]).

2) And (and, and)...The "Allegory of Art" will be at Limner Gallery (123 Warren St) in the juried show "A Show of Heads," October 24 - November 24, 2013, with reception: Saturday, October 26, 5-7pm, also online.
"An Allegory of Art," 40 x 44," mixed media collage 
3) My drawing "Open-Hearted" is featured in Direct Art, vol. 20 (page 71) - out now. Lots of interesting work!
"Open-Hearted," 24 x 24," mixed media on panel
4) More to come on on this one (I wouldn't want to be overwhelming ;)), but recognize this?

Yay for Art!