Monday, October 7, 2013

phase 1 Redux - appreciate and develop expertise

Life-scale (whole sheet app. 25 x 48")
The sheet is so large that I have to turn it to reach (but that's ok because I'm cutting the 
plants out for a new room-scale installation). The flowers are left open and will be collage
 (a collage within a collage...)

Process Chart

mid-way: I tested out the process (twice) to make sure it would work (and I think it does - thumbs up!)
but I heart my new acrylic paint!
pencil drawing never goes out of style...
I was sick (with the flu) earlier in the week and frustrated about losing time; but happily, I'm on the mend, and my feline assistants are here to help.
Caption: "Mom, this is what we think of your alarm clock and your 'to do' list."
A doting aside: Mini is almost as big as Sunny now(!) This week I got her her first "big kitty" collar (neon yellow with bell - she's wearing it in the picture, but because they're shifting to their "winter fluff" mode, it's a bit hard to see). I wouldn't want to show favoritism among my equally beloved assistants, so Sunny got a little present too - a larger and more sonorous new bell (which has the added benefit that I can now keep track of my assistants by sound without needing to look up from drawing - excellent ;)).