Thursday, November 7, 2013

mid-week update

I've instituted the "high-intensity schedule" in which I get up at 5 am and draw until 10 ish, then spend as much time as I can cutting foam core backing, gluing, sitting under weights, adhering hangers to, and photographing the earlier pieces (....tick, tock, tick, tock, tick tock...)
my feline assistants loooooove watching squirrels...
but I find chipmunks  even cuter (they're like mini-squirrels ;))
more parrots
and now they're a flock :)
getting a little crowded in here
(but no worries, they can be more spread out later -
for now,  I'm just trying to get as much as possible off the floor :))

Sometimes, something seems like a good ideas at 5 am, but by noon, I start to wonder....
(like today: "I'd like a new raptor, even though the paper isn't big enough" -
haha, thank goodness for the magic of collage ;) )
a rainy day in the studio