Monday, November 4, 2013

phase 1 redux - appreciate and develop expertise

adding, wall mounting, and arranging...
I've been traveling (again), so I was away from the studio for most of the week, but I had lots of para-art fun at the Southeastern College Art Conference! I saw friends, had a work in a juried members exhibition, and delivered a paper (on accretional identity explained through a gorgeous painting - "Self-portrait as a Wunderkabinett" - fun times ;)). There was lots to see.

In the lobby
(that's a giant eagle statue behind me - very patriotic)

I wanted to see a throne for an upcoming work
and voila!

I made this just before I left...
then there was a parrot on the bus (!!)
and I made this one as soon as I got home
 including beautiful new letter tape
this was just pretty :)
and my lovely tolerant friend was with me
as I took pictures on the bus,
and in the lobby, and in the parking lot...

Since I was away from the studio, I decided to make a chart to help me think through phase 1R (appreciate and develop expertise). I decided "expertise" was too vague and tried to draw out - which expertise? It took me a while to get to the pretty chart (but lots of messy lists and diagrams later...)

I used drawing as the largest linking element and went outward from there. The things I'm looking for have a few characteristics in common - they can all be used toward rendering. I think rendering is important in my work because I'm asking the viewer to go to a fantastical place with me, so I feel like I should give something familiar in exchange for the request to suspend belief. (hmmmmm.) Also, there are some physical limitations. Everything is light and/or modular so that I can move it myself.

Making the chart was fun, but I can't help thinking that thinking is good, but not the same as doing, which is not the same as doing well (oy), so back to the drawing board I go [mental refrain: practice, practice, practice - lalalalaaaaa ;)]