Monday, April 21, 2014

phase 3 redux - develop thoughtful algorithms

The algorithm I worked on this week: the most efficient project is a completed one, haha. Joking (sort of), but seriously, I kept trying to figure out how to make the inverse of last weeks block of a kneeling figure. I know there are probably lots of ways to do it, but I just couldn't decide on one. I ended up redrawing the figure (mirror imaged) onto a new block. Maybe there really is no such thing as an "efficient" gothic-style, multi-block, collaged, polyptych (hahaha).
I finished 3 more of these to reach the total of 7
Front - my favorite one so far
Back - I mounted them to black cardstock
and in my quest to eliminate the glue -
the columns have tabs which side through slits
and then the top is connected by a brad.
The hanging loop will go around the brad

I also cut an inverse of the previous block and a new wing. printed, drew on, cut and assembled the 7
figures that will flank a central image on the opposite side.
I also worked more on the giant tarot card, reusing the body and feet from Spes.
the black is acid-free tape - It's like playing with a giant paper doll

still working on the hands and objects, but it's coming along

still no neck...
And there was gardening :)!

Earlier in this week - snow :(
Before (though after removing a dead shrub)
After -  brick bed, mulch and plants - herb garden!