Monday, April 7, 2014

Phase 3 redux - develop thoughtful algorithms 2

Still stuck on this representation of Philosophy from
Boethius Consolation of Philosophy
Its starting to seep into other things I see,
like this bust at the Met last week
If you can't beat them...

I incorporated the crown print I just finished to make a fusion of "Sophia"
and the tarot card "Papessa/ high priestess"
(which plays a role in an audio book I just finished
 "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern - recommend :)) 
approximately life-sized + 10% with my fingers for scale
it will have a flame (spiritual knowledge)
and a book (worldly knowledge),
getting the elements to interact through light and shadow
is a challenge

I made a special trip to the store for this paper.
Even though it's too small for the whole sleeve,
it's the exact right color...
drapery of the sleeves

This was my work station  -
the level of mess is directly proportional to the amount of fun I had :)
(It was awesome! There is still room in the class for any local
readers who want to join in the fun.)
class 1 - paste paper - look what I made :)
swirly stripes, visual yum!
In other art news, I'm taking a course on book making with artist and Rauschenberg Fellow Beth Thielen at the Art School of Columbia County.  The class focuses on several things I've been wanting to learn more about - paper making, binding, and

I've been thinking that a book is a type of algorithm - it provides a familiar blueprint for viewing. I'm enjoying making relief prints, but want to take another step to provide a "built-in context" for them...