Monday, June 23, 2014

Phase 3 - develop thoughtful algorithms

The still lifes are complete! I got them all framed and delivered to Thompson Giroux Gallery where they are a part of the current exhibition Still Life with Sculpture, up until August 10th

Mini seems to particularly like this one :)

After finishing these early in the week, I got sick and lost a few days. Fortunately, relief carving is a pretty stationary activity. I made and printed 7 new Pegasi.

6" relief print on gray paper with hand drawn accents in black and white ink, collaged onto red background.
Then, it was off on an adventure. I returned to Colorado to complete the second half of a Fellowship from them American Numismatic Association in medallic engraving.

It journeys through the sky
It wakes up surrounded by sunshine
and arrives in the land of big mountains and clouds.

and very friendly creatures.
It visits a mini Gothic cathedral

Then it learns lots of new things amidst friendly and patient people (more on the visual results next week :) .)

some of my prints and collages from the past year at Coburn Gallery
at Colorado College, June 22 - 26

and after the opening and delicious soft serve ice cream - there are still
two more hours of daylight to go for a walk